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Hello world! November 29, 2012

Filed under: Introduction — His Princess K @ 3:40 pm

You made it (insert smiley face)! I remember saying that I wanted to blog years ago, but I obviously never started. Well, except for a Communications Theory class, but I can’t even tell you how to get to that one post, thankfully. So why now? Why did I decide to start a blog in November 2012? I’m glad you asked. I want to keep my family, my friends, my supporters, and everyone in between informed on what God is doing in my life, some of my thoughts, and my journey here at the Spencer Perkins Center here in Jackson, Mississippi. I’m definitely looking forward to sharing with you all the ins and outs of my coming to good ol’ Jackson. Even as I type this I’m laughing because I thought about the day I asked God, “Jackson, Mississippi? What’s in Jackson, Mississippi?”. I can answer the question…KaSteesha Cosby is in Jackson, Mississippi.

After Bible Study I was in total awe, I still am today!


4 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Jennifer Moore Says:

    This is the first blog I have ever written in (or is it on?). Anyway, you brought a smile to my face with your email update. I love the photos, and I love the heart you have to serve. To God be ALL the glory! Keep leaving your godly fingerprints in the lives of those He send you to… and watch Him use you to change a world for Christ. I love you my sista, and you are missed! Jenn

    • I love you Sister Jenn! Thank you for your post and I am glad to see what God is doing in your life and even more eager to see the results of it! I agree, ALL the glory to God!

  2. John H. Hatcher Says:

    I’m truly amazed by what our Lord is doing in your life. It strengthens my own faith and resolve that not only does God give us our calling, but He gives us the strength and will to pursue it. One of the greatest lessons our brother the Apostle Paul gave us was to use our time on this earth wisely. It’s a pleasure to know one such as yourself who is using her talents, time and treasure to give our Lord all the glory, honor and power. May our Lord continue to bless and find favor on you Steesha. As you delight yourself in Him, may he give you the desires of your heart. Love, your brother in Christ!

    • Tear! I love you, too. Thank you John. All glory to God because only He knows how He brought me this far (and we have a greater distance to go). I hope to spend my break wisely, for sure. LOL! I, too, am amazed at what He’s doing in your life. May He continue to guide you and reveal Himself to and His plan for you. God bless!

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