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Triple J Judy August 12, 2013

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Triple J Judy

Jailyn and I had a special connection since my arrival to Jackson, MS. Like me, she has family in Tennessee, but more specifically Nashville. It was very rare to hear me call her Jailyn (her name) because I always called her Judy or Triple J Judy. One afternoon we decided to play the “name game”. Her initials are JJJ and I was trying to figure out her middle name. She told me it started with “j”, but after a few names I was going nowhere and quickly. She then told me the last letter was “y”? Mind you another teacher/counselor who knew Jailyn’s middle name was nearby listening to the conversation, but never chimed in which made it even more fun to guess the name. I guessed that her middle name was Judy. I mean really how many names can you come up with that begin with “j” and end with “y”. This child whose full of personality looks at me like, “Really. Ms. KaSteesha you think MY name is Judy?”. The moment was hilarious! Finally I had to ask what her name was and she answers “Janae”. Imagine my surprise when I found that out 0_o. The other teacher laughed and spelled the name for us and the Jailyn had the biggest smile upon her face. She didn’t remember how to spell her name.

I gave her homework that evening. She had to go home and learn to spell her name. The very next afternoon she rushed to me from the van smiling and filled with joy went through her backpack and pulled out a picture she had made for me. It spelled out her entire name. I’ll never forget that moment. Jailyn just moved to Goodlettsville (15 minutes or so from Nashville) yesterday and I am excited about her new journey. I pray that she continues to brighten people’s lives as she did mine. I’m going to miss her.


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