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Littles Ones August 15, 2013

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Littles Ones

Time flies! I must have been 3 years old in this picture. What in the world?! I’m 25 now. It’s no wonder why I’m contemplating coming back to Nashville. I miss my babies. I remember as if it was yesterday when Kennedi was first born on January 29, 2009. My Kennedi and I have had full out conversations since she was 2 years old. Now she’s 4 and has told me, “TT, you can’t stay in Jackson, MS another year”. Yes, she really said that. I can’t believe how she, Brycen, and Keyden have grown before my very eyes. And I want Akirah to know who I am. She’s full of personality just like the rest of them. I want to spend more time with Mike’Quann my oldest nephew and I have yet to meet my youngest nephew Dontario. He’ll be 1 next month. Then there are my youngest siblings who range from 4 to 14 years old. I have not met Brooklyn, the baby, yet. And I have two God daughters; Mya who is 4 and Mayani who is 1. I want to have a positive, nourishing relationship with each and everyone of them. This distance doesn’t help those efforts. Nevertheless, it is not my will, but my Father’s will. I will continue to pray and seek His face concerning what I do post internship. I love you guys bunches!


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