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It’s Thursday! October 31, 2013

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It’s Thursday, October 31st. Some of you know the significance of this particular day. Definitely not because of the holiday, but because of the faithfulness and clinging to God that occurred during this month. Honestly, it wasn’t until last Saturday that I realized that there were five Wednesdays in October. Go figure! Nevertheless, I’m very grateful and thankful for you all who embarked on this quest with me and even more thankful that there were FIVE Wednesdays in the month that was chosen. Only God! I’ve always known that He has a sense of humor which is all the more reason why I am careful to what I say to and ask of Him.

Two nights ago I recalled how God really made a way out of no way for me many times and it brought tears to my eyes. The way certain events unfolded there is no doubt in my mind that He had His hands in and throughout my situations. I asked myself, “How did I forget about that?”. I’ll share some of it with you….a few years ago there was a brief time that I had FOUR jobs (shelter, bookstore, homecare, and nonprofit research) and was in school. It wasn’t as a bad as it sounds because I was able to manage them all. Soon after, the bookstore job ended because it was temporary, the elderly man that I was caring for was racist and didn’t care for me to be in his home much, and I was never paid on time for my research (I still haven’t received my full compensation). A particular housing arrangement didn’t work out and my roommates decided to move leaving me to fend on my own. I found an apartment quickly and was happy about it. I wrote a check knowing that my funds weren’t in my account, but they would be the next day. Those funds (see above) never were given to me and that first month I was already threatened with an eviction. Of course! No one could help me with my ordeal. I was literally living in fear and I hated it because I knew there was money owed to me, but I couldn’t access it. I was told about a special fund that the Student Government Association had to help students in situations such as the one I was facing. (I was a member of SGA at the time and didn’t even know that such fund existed) Well, before I could reach the correct person I somehow ended up talking with some lady dealing with Financial Aid and she informed me that there was $250 credit pending to my account. (I just had to take a break typing this because when I think about God’s goodness it stirs and shakes me up) At the time I was in shock because it was NOVEMBER…well after the semester had started, therefore, there was NO reason why money should be credited to me. The Lord made a way! I needed just a little less than $250 so not only did He provide me with what I needed, but He threw in some grace.

I don’t recall asking God during that period in my life what He’d have me do. I just lived from day to day, if I’m going to be honest about it. But all glory be to God that there has been a change in me. I seek Him daily in both the “small” and big things and everything in between. That’s why I am here in Jackson, MS. That’s what brought you to be this particular page. I know what disobedience gets me. And yes, it is sometimes hard not doing what I want to do with “my” life. But I have concluded that this life is not my own, but it’s God’s. For I know longer live, but Christ through me. I wasn’t created to live aimlessly. I was formed with a calling and a purpose.

This month I have been through it and I know why. Totally get it! I expected it. When you are really seeking God and His ways there will be opposition because there is an enemy who does not want God’s purposes and plans accomplished. Tuh! (I’ve always wanted to say that) I must put on the full armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18). My prayer is that I accept the peace that God gives through His Son Jesus Christ daily just like I take up my cross.

Again, I thank you, thank you, thank you! For the time being, it’s Jackson. For how long? That hasn’t been revealed, but I’m seeking the true source and holding onto His hand, His love, and His concern for me.


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