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Speak Up!….Later December 21, 2013

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My throat has given me problems since late last week. On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being very little, I’d say the pain level was a 1. It irritated me more than it caused me pain. Well, yesterday (Thursday, December 19th) I was hanging out with my family at a restaurant from 3:30-11:00pm. Yes, that time is indeed correct. To say I was a BIT overwhelmed yesterday is an understatement. I had my occasional one cough every other hour, but other than that my throat was the same as it has been for the past week. Around 7:30 I began to speak and realized I no longer had my regular tone. What the crap?! Confused? Of course! I had did nothing out of the ordinary. It took so much out of me just to speak. Last night I tried to sing (it’s one of my favorite things to do, although I’m not a very good singer) it was horrendous. Not so much the sound, but ┬áthe pain and strain.

When I woke up today my voice was much worse. I made a doc’s appointment and found out that I have Pharyngitis, Acute. My sister told me exactly what it was days ago actually. I have had frequent headaches recently and Ibuprofen only relieved them for 30 minutes. Ironically enough I am allergic to two allergy pills. The options that remain are Benadryl and a nasal spray. Fingers crossed!

So why am I writing today? I was inspired. Since my throat was really bad this morning, I decided to research some remedies by Googling, “I lost my voice. How do I get it back”? Immediately after I finished typing my mind seemed to race. Go back and read what I said I typed into the search engine.

I needed the answer to a physical problem, yet some of us have been with this “pain” in other areas of our lives. Truthfully, I feel that way right now. I have lost my voice and I want to know how to get it back. Man, that is crazy! How does one gain their voice again? How do you let someone or something diminish who you are? After all, your voice, your opinion, your freedom of speech is a way to represent yourself and share your beliefs. Funny how I’m appreciative of this setback because it has caused me to look at my life in a different perspective. To get my voice back, I must sit back, evaluate, and let my throat/mind heal. Talking right now just for the sake of doing so will not benefit me now or in the future. I’m speaking of my physical body now and my voice determining my future.

On to the healing….


alive + free December 9, 2013

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I like my locs curly, but that’s not the reason I posted the pic (Well, the fact that I think that my hair is cute doesn’t hurt and I like the way I tied my scarf lol).


Yep, it was about time that I posted a new entry. As I thought about what I would write about I decided to scroll through my phone and this was the first pic so I didn’t have to go too far. This shirt is representing/supporting ex felons/cons and their re-entry into the “world”. I’ve always wondered about the injustice (yes, some people may sneer up their noses as to what I’m going to say) that persons who have entered the justice system on the other side of the law endure. Yes, they’ve made a mistake or two. Haven’t we? I have. Be honest, do you do everything by the book? Okay, I digress. Society speaks on how jails and prisons are burdens to taxpayers, however, when those persons who come from these institutions search for jobs not too many businesses open their doors. o_0 Is not the purpose of said institutions for reformation? If that is the case, then why do we find it so hard to accept them back. Funny, how we forget how we’ve been prisoners, too. Prisoners to sin that so easily entangled us, but the freedom came when accepted Jesus Christ and received the awesome gift of His Holy Spirit. God accepted us while knowing our background (even the things other people don’t know about us).

I am alive and free in Christ! Are you?