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Do You Not Perceive It? (Isaiah 43:18-19 NLT) July 3, 2014

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Isaiah 431819

This peace. This peace that transcends ALL understanding (Phil 4:7). I’m thankful for it. As I was driving to work today my mind wandered on a subject that’s still an issue for me and I told myself that I would NOT let it get me down in a slump. And it was finished! I didn’t think about it again.

I stepped outside not too long ago because it is freezing. I am a lover of nature’s beauty….God’s beautifully crafted landscape (not so much the bugs that irritate me) so I decided to walk a lap around the church. When I came back in (it was still cold lol) I logged into my WordPress account because I’m long overdue for a new post.

I’m satisfied in the Lord, y’all. Even more so, I’m in awe of Him. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in my life and what has transpired I know that peace is available to me because He says so. I have to accept it.

I feel Him walking, sitting, and talking with me. I feel His presence and it’s oh so sweet.

Written on my notebook is “Isaiah 43:18-19”. The scripture reading itself isn’t written on it and I did that intentionally. 1) I wrote it on the outside of my notebook so that I can be reminded of it and 2) to make sure that I not wonder too long on what it is, but actually read it. And that’s exactly what happened today. I don’t pull out this notebook every day because I have two notebooks and a notepad in my bag so I use the first thing I grab, unless I recently used it and need it again (which is the case today). I’m grateful.

God is doing a new thing, yet He’s always DOING something even when I can’t physically see it. What an assurance that He never sleeps nor slumbers?! Do you not perceive it? I know that all that is behind me and what surrounds me now has and is buffering me to be the one He has called me to be. These aches, kicks, and screams are due to molding and purpose. In His Hands. In His hands I am being renewed.

“In His Hands outcomes the resource because He IS the Source”-KaSteesha Cosby ©

May His peace be with you!